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    Technology is affecting the way people learn and can make learning more meaningful, transferable, effective, continuous and fun for learners. Within this seminar, we will look into the research and application field of educational technologies. We will explore how the latest technological trends are transforming the way individuals learn and how organizations can plan sustainable learning interventions by taking advantage of the latest technologies and approaches.

     The seminar will address the topics:

    1. Open Education offers an alternative path for education, competence development and professionalization beyond the traditional borders of educational institutions. Learners enter and engage in open educational practices to meet, network, collaborate, work, learn and innovate.

    2. Trusted Learning Analytics is the collection and analysis of data about learners and their contexts, in order to understand and optimize learning experiences and the environments in which they occur. Europe is on the way to shape its own way of Learning Analytics that needs according to the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and therefore in a humanistic way.

    3. New Learning Experiences investigates new technologies like AR/VR, sensors and wearables that emerge in an ever-increasing pace. While none of these technologies are directly aimed at education, they do have a strong impact on society and thus on education by creating the opportunity for new ways of learning.



    The whole seminar will be held in English but the quality of English writing and presenting will not be considered for the final mark of the seminar.